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Welsh Cakes

I don’t know what first prompted to make these, but my boyfriends from Wales (even though he has lived here in Melbourne since he was 8 and has an Aussie […]
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Waffling About

Everyone needs a bit of waffle now and then….so here’s to waffling on…and on………and on…………… I have a stove top waffle iron, which is good but I would still favour […]
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English Breakfast Muffins

English because they are savoury muffins, rather than the sweet American variety. Well worth the little effort taken to rise 2 hours before you plan to eat – here’s how […]
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Lovely Crumpets

A weekend breakfast maybe, but not difficult by any measure. Whether you go for bacon and maple syrup or poached eggs and dukkah – they are almost as revered as […]
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