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This blog has evolved from a personal desire to document particularly successful recipes and ‘hand me downs’ from my mother. I have a scrapbook but have serious fear of this getting frazzled in a house fire, so here we are. I met my husband in London and we moved to Melbourne together, which is where my love for cooking sprouted and began to germinate (it was nicer than it sounds). 

Cover Shot 3

We spent every weekend at some kind of food market, no matter how hungover (on these occasions normally venturing out in the dark) with a jumble of our biggest bags and sometimes a list but our inspiration came mostly from the produce on offer. Victoria St and Vietnamese was a new thing for me, I loved the variety of foods on offer as well as the breakfasts, which were unbelievable and some of my most memorable meals in the two years I spent there. 

Slow Cook Beef

As The Travelling Pantry matured, so did my styling and photography. I made every effort to do the food justice with the images I created to represent it and naturally became fascinated with the art of food styling and food photography. This lead me onto working at first with professional food stylists and then on various freelancing projects and I have sincerely loved every moment.

Herb Jungle

We are now back in the UK, close to London, where I continue cooking for fun and documenting particularly successful recipes on my blog. I also continue to freelance with my food styling and enjoy the diversity of the projects I am involved with. If you would like to get in touch, please do. My folio is

Bicycle Produce

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Hey Katie, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the like. I am now totally, and absolutely, smitten with your blog! OMG I love everything about it! consider me an avid fan 🙂

  2. Thanks for following my blog, I came by to check yours out as well and I love all of your photos. They are really beautiful and the food looks delicious! I’ll be following along for sure!

    • Hi Madelaine,

      Thanks for the nomination, very kind words which have inspired me to post something very soon (maybe my favourite lemon polenta cake) something from the ever expanding list anyway! I enjoyed looking over your own blog and have saved the link as there’s lots of interesting things going on. From one fellow cat stalker to another x

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