Encapsulating the Pantry

Welcome to my blog. The name has derived from the fact I think that good ingredients should be ‘well travelled’ meaning they can complement or camouflage into any type of cuisine from anywhere in the world. I am also a collector of most ‘kitcheny’ things and small animal figures (the animal army). Since I have been interested in food photography and styling, my seemingly pointless (but intriguing) collection now serves a great purpose in cohesion with my cooking and food styling, the animals, maybe less so. The collection will travel with me, wherever I go – there it will be – ‘The Travelling Pantry’.

Cover Shot 3

I like food simple, honest in flavour and as wholesome and  natural as possible. Most of my cooking has evolved as an extension from my mothers recipes but along the way I have picked up the ability to create harmonious flavour combinations, or so I’d like to think.  I wouldn’t say I always cook healthily but believe in a balance and accept some days are just going to be healthier than others. Weather, emotions and celebrations all factor in the equation – especially the Fridays my partner and I get through 4 bottles of Prosecco and inhale whatever food is in the house. If I have time, on days like this (where I can for see a big night) I try to have something already prepped or even better – slow cooking.


My style is also reflective upon the fact I moved to Melbourne with my partner one and a half years ago from London. A tiny studio flat in Clapham rendered me handicapped to all the delights gained from cooking and although Marks and Spencer did very well at the time, I was feeling frustrated…..and broke! I’d also just met my partner and wanted to show off some of my old trusty dishes, maybe to win his heart through his stomach, as the old saying goes.


Now in Melbourne we rent our little house equipped with kitchen and even a small courtyard that houses all our herbs – the herb jungle. Here was where my passion for cooking and photography really ignited and now I just can’t get enough! Some people may call me a feeder and this is partly true, only because food to me is a way of showing love and care.

Bicycle Produce


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jess says:

    So excited you’re up and running! Can’t wait to read more and try your recipes – now I’ll know all the secrets to your fabulous cooking! Loving the photography too 😄 so beautiful.

    1. katiebonken says:

      Thanks Jess, it’s so nice to have the blog up after such a whirlwind of cooking. A new dish, or two per day over the past few months has been interesting, surprising and also taught me that sometimes it’s the old trusty recipes that are ‘old’ and ‘trusty’ for a reason. x

  2. happyramona says:

    Your blog is beautiful,I love your pictures and your recipes. Great job really!

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog . I am so glad that it led me to your blog–I love your photos and I look forward to trying some of your recipes!

  4. Wow. Your site is beautiful, and your photography is amazing. i’m now starving for every recipe on your site! you’re extremely gifted. seeing that photography and cooking are my ultimate favorite hobbies…i’m totally jealous and in utter awe. expect me for dinner 😉

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