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Satay Roast Chicken with Blazing Chilli Dip and Honeyed Salad

I was glad to finally cross this particular recipe off my list and even gladder to have this fierce dip under my belt (luckily not literally) as it blows your head off but I’ll definitely be making this again. I have decided to add the link as I followed the recipe exactly, the only tips I could offer are as follows…


  • The satay adds a really nice flavour and compliments the salad and dip really well but next time I might marinate the chicken with my own spice mix if I want to save time. I found that a fair amount of the satay formed a kind of crust and cracked off the chicken as we carved it but the gooey bits under and around the chicken were really delicious.


  • I didn’t add any chilli flakes to the dip at the end as I found it perfect enough as it was. It’s a bit ‘violent’ but in a sweet and tasty way. The recipe makes quite a bit so I freezed the remaining dip in two lots – I think it’s quite versatile and I expect we’ll find an excuse to bring it back to life very soon!


  • The salad dressing was simple and so good I use this mix of ingredients again and again with anything spicy. We had lots leftover so I would halve this in future.

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Enjoy the recipe if you decide to make it, we really enjoyed this with rice as a Sunday lunch.

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