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Give me a food magazine and I am content for at least an hour (even if I’m just looking at the pictures). I rip out anything I might want to make and add it to one of my scrapbooks then pass on the magazine to a friend or donate to a ‘waiting area’.

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Delicious is one of those magazines I actually cook from and this recipe was one of those that strikes a chord because of a delectable twist (in this case frangipane). There is something really ‘Sunday’ about crumble, sturdy and timeless….and for good reason, it has earned it’s respect.

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Beware, this recipe makes enough crumble for a 2 litre dish, so best to divide between two (unless you’re having a bit of a banquet) and donate one to a friend, family, neighbour or stranger. The frangipane is an excellent idea and I’m sticking with it for all future crumble escapades.

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Please see the link below, I used cooking apples because I like their bite and vanilla bean ice-cream. 

Apple and blackberry frangipane crumble


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  1. I share your habit of cutting clippings from recipe mags before passing them on – and I agree Delicious is usually a keeper – lovely crumble too!

  2. I love a good crumble too – hot, cold or anywhere in between. Your photos are lovely 🙂

  3. Love the look of this – the extra frangipane sounds wonderful!

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