Thank God for Fabric!

ImageYou could say fabrics are of secondary importance to food, which is possibly why they work so well together. Food for fuel, providing the essential nutrients required to keep us fit and healthy and fabric, for protection against the elements.

Along with the kitchenalia and small animals, I collect fabrics. Sometimes I find table runners or pillowcases but often just squares or off-cuts. I once vowed to never get rid of any garment before extracting a square for my patchwork quilt (that I never made) so have come to realise just keep the sentimental bits and pass on anything else before the house explodes into a big mass of patchwork confetti!ImageI have always loved fabrics and peruse the isles of many vintage/second hand shops in order to pick out something special. The texture, the feel and of course the colour and pattern are all important factors to consider before taking anything home. If the colours right but the quality of the material is not, don’t even think about it.


With the food styling, I have tried to use fabrics that reflect the colours or themes relative to the origin of the recipe. Sometimes a fabric will transport you to a beach picnic or bustling Moroccan marketplace and from here the recipe will come into being. Sometimes changing bed sheets, an outfit, a scarf, even a tablecloth can impact your mood, alter or influence your emotional state.


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  1. Jess says:

    Ooh beautiful! So many pretty fabrics…am loving your latest posts, keep up the great work! X

  2. I love your food styling! Do you live in Melbourne? Would be great to have some tips, but I am in Darwin. I love it, but always seem to use a different theme and we are making a cook book through (which I think you liked!)

    1. katiebonken says:

      Thanks for your comment, I am in Melbourne which is a shame as I love the sound of your community projects and making the most of local produce is something we all need to concentrate more on. Let me know if I could help with anything remotely, it would be a pleasure to contribute.

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