As I’m a nosey parker who likes to know what other people eat and everyone loves to know about a good market – I thought I’d combine the two. Here’s some photos documenting what we buy from our local market in Richmond, as well as some suggestions as to where we have been and enjoyed around Victoria. Any recommendations are also much appreciated.

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Just a quick recommendation as to the best butchers, fishmongers and what we think is the best deli in Melbourne. Laikon Deli is on Bridge Road, they have seriously good cheese, meats, fresh filled pastas, hand cut salmon and the best bread we have ever had. Seriously worth a visit. They also have very good bacon, which is now the only place we get bacon from.

We are lucky to be near enough to Berties butchers too, on Swan Street. They have been around since 1870 and with good reason too. Organic, free-range products free from hormones and antibiotics. They are always really helpful with advice and also happy to take orders.

For seafood, I would highly recommend Richmond Oysters, who also take orders and can be trusted to supply the best produce. Also really helpful with advice and obviously passionate about what they provide.

Often, I plan meals in advance so we know what we need to get but it’s also nice to go and buy what looks good and what’s in season and challenge yourself to create new recipes.
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Is it mental that we have started getting to the market by 6.30am? It’s still dark and we’re often some of the first there but I think it’s worth it, beating the crowds and also having chats with the stall holders. They are there from 1 am and get all the drunkeds leaving bars and clubs, trying to haggle and pick up starchy things to soak up the alcohol. Getting up in the dark tricks your mind into thinking there’s a holiday or some other exciting reason why you’d be up at this time. I love walking the streets whilst the world is asleep and cherish these times before children come along or life just gets too busy.

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It’s always a good idea to get something in the oven on a low heat before leaving so it’s ready to go when you’re back and starving with a fresh loaf in hand. Slow roasted tomatoes, beans, lamb shanks or pork shoulder – for a late lunch.

I’ve only just started to take along my camera, so I’ll be adding to this post weekly.

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Richmond Gleadell Street market is our Saturday morning expedition……

Other markets we frequent for produce are Collingwood childrens farm market – It’s a really amazing place to take kids or just have a wonder as lot’s to look at at and enjoy. I particularly like the flowers here and the little posies they make up for you as you enter. We normally take bikes, baskets and rucksacks as there is lots of temptation. Unfortunately my flowers below fell out on Victoria Street and a nice man ran after us with them!

Bicycle Produce

South Melbourne market is great to snap up some Italian morsels, here’s where I get all my nutty delights and it’s just a nice place to wonder around, all undercover too. The garlic and potatoes are excellent from Georgie, link below. If you can afford a string of garlic and chillis, it’s well worth it. They last for months and work out cheaper than buying from supermarkets. Chez Dre cafe is in an alley nearby and they serve a very good breakfast and amazing cakes but I’d recommend getting there early as we’ve had to queue more than once.


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Back from market, laying things out on the table and deciding what to cook……..

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As for styling products, most people will know Camberwell Sunday market, which gets seriously busy so if you don’t like crowds, get there early as possible.

There are loads of great little markets to find treasures further away from the CBD, so try and get down to these as often as possible as they have great bargains and sometimes really interesting stuff. We have been to many odd markets further in the country, where everybody seems to know each other but people are always friendly and it’s always a great experience. Of-course, second hand shops/Salvos are great for finding crockery/kitchen bits and I often find these get better the farther from the city you venture.

My little secret cavern….for styling products and home wares……..

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. ladyredspecs says:

    Hi Katie. Nice to see the Gleadell St market getting a plug. Have you visited the Collingwood Children’s farm market, 2nd Saturday of the month and the Slow Food Market at the Abbotsford Convent on the 4th Saturday. Both are fab! The cafe at the Children’s Farm does great breakfasts on the weekends too.

  2. katiebonken says:

    I love the children’s farm market, we’re in Richmond so cycle and often stop off at the Weasels cafe (which is on a residential st, great food and garden). Great vibe, I wish I had kids as perfect atmosphere for them, beautiful flowers, music and fun interactions. Maybe we’ve walked past each other! We like stopping off at the crazy chickens on way back up to the convent. Never been to the cafe but will stop off in future. I’ve not even mentioned Ceres…..I’ll have to add as I go. Thanks for the info, great to know your thoughts!

  3. cheergerm says:

    Great post, love farmers markets! 🙂

  4. Yana says:

    Oh, wow! I wish to have market like this near by!!

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