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Avocado on Toast – with Friends…

This post is really just to inspire ideas as we don’t want anyone’s breakfast getting mundane. I’m sure those of us that like avocado have had it on toast before, it’s a breakfast/lunch that I find myself snapping up again and again so it’s constantly evolving. Just simple additions can make it so much more exciting.

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I was surprised coming to Melbourne how often avocado appears on breakfast menus as back in London it wouldn’t usually crop up, unless it was in a South American style breakfast. Here it appears smashed with feta, blitzed into smoothies, mashed onto  ‘breakfast pizzas’ with egg, deep-fried in crumbs, cubed into salsas, slices are always offered as a side – heck, you can even bake an egg inside half the thing!

Lots of people don’t like avocado and some are very precise over how it is served. My grandad for example, took great exception to avocado arriving fanned out on his plate, believing it should always be served in its shell. I also try and keep mine simple, I’m not keen on avocado warmed up but am flogging the old egg and chilli inclusion to the extreme.

I’d love to know any other suggestions for avocado. Here’s a few pictures of what I like to do with it.

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Smashed avocado on toast with rocket, spring onions, balsamic, olive oil, egg and chilli flakes,

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Or homemade dukkah,

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Spiced anchovies or white anchovies and chilli oil,

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Seafood works wonders with our green friend, especially with a bit of spice,

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Infuse oils with different herbs, serve with spicy salsas or chutneys,

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Humous, pestos, roasted tomatoes, experiment with nuts, seeds, syrups, oils and herbs…let there be no limits!

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  1. Umm, delicious! I love avocados but I’m with you, I’m not too keen on having it warm. One of my favourites way to eat it is just a piece of toasted rye bread, topped with beetroot hummus, sliced avocados on top, may be drizzle with little bit of olive oil and sprinkle some pumpkin seeds 🙂

  2. Gorgeous! I’m not too keen on warm avos either. I love it smushed on toasted sourdough, topped with smoked salmon and lots of black pepper! I also really like it in a spinach and bacon type salad…yum!!

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