Zucchini Agrodolce

Zucchini still sounds very Aussie to me, but then courgette agrodolce doesn’t have the same ring to it. Agrodolce is a traditional Italian sweet and sour sauce, made up from ‘agro’(sour) and ‘dolce’ (sweet) – in this case vinegar and sugar. If you haven’t already tried this, please give it a go as it is a good accompaniment to a lot of dishes – especially fish.


I also paired it with sausages and a caramelized onion orzo and it was delicious.


The only slight annoyance is cutting the zucchini into julienne (which I do by hand), but there are a lot of nifty gadgets out there to help save time.

Recipe – serves 4

20g pine nuts – toasted

4 tbsp sherry vinegar

1 ½ tbsp. caster sugar

2 garlic cloves finely chopped

4 tbsp olive oil

2-3 zucchini cut into julienne

½ red onion sliced thinly

Toast the pine nuts and leave to one side. Get a small saucepan and bring vinegar and sugar to a simmer, add garlic and season to taste. Turn off the heat whilst you cut the zucchini into julienne and slice onion thinly. Next, whisk in the oil to the vinegar mixture and pour over zucchini and onion. Leave to marinate and cool in fridge for about 15 minutes before scattering over the pine nuts and eating.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. This looks similar to my courgette pasta – will be trying this soon!

    1. katiebonken says:

      Let me know how you go, thanks

  2. josie100olives says:

    Love the sound of this – have all the bits and pieces on hand so will be sure to give this a try! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leading me to yours, great pics and recipes. I’m a fellow recent arrival in Melbourne too, and just loving its great food culture.

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