Bakewell Slice,Very Nice

I am an avid frangipane fan and try and sneak it into recipes all the time – apple cakes, crumbles, mince pies, it’s always a bonus rather than a defamer. Here I have showcased it in all its splendour with a scattering of fresh raspberries, a generous layer of jam and addition of a good almond extract.


I bought a long tin especially for this recipe as I liked the idea of having slices, (Mr Kipling’s choice of shape) which I think suits this recipe. If I was icing and crowning with grace cherries mind you, I would definitely favour circles.


Please click on the link to view the recipe, courtesy of Paul Hollywood. In typical fashion I added more jam (about 200g) and although I forgot the almond extract on this occasion, I would add at least a teaspoon on the next (which there will be very soon) delicious.




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